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B. L. Ranwa Chairman Losal, Sikar

            Education of the 21st century has to meet a number of challenges. It should aim at developing an individual into a complete human being, who is a thinker, a doer and a maker at the same time. Since new technologies and skills are invading every sphere of life today, the sole objective of education cannot be limited to imparting knowledge alone. It must provide a pragmatic; child centered all round education, relating academics to the ingredients that make for character development.


        Schooling in urban vicinity has enhanced because of the opportunities of several good schools in the cities but only little efforts have been made in Rural sector. The school is managed by SHEKHAWATI EDUCATIONAL GROUP, LOSAL a brand name in education. Mr. B. L. Ranwa - an educational visionary & academician - has taken a keen initiative to provide a class educational system with the support of persistent and unswerving efforts of the management and staff.


      Its curriculum must be related to our environment and transmit our culture. Gone are the days of education loaded with information, which turned an individual into a memory blank. The need of the day is to provide an individual the kind of education, which can give him a foundation for innovative learning that would turn him into a process person who is not a storehouse of knowledge. The ethos of a school plays an important role in imparting the kind of education it stands for.


It was my dream to facilitate a world class educational system in a unique manner in the rural sector, which is turning into reality today.


I am thankful to you for your parental support & co-operation

B. L. Ranwa


Losal, Sikar

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